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SGSS Hounslow is equipped with educational facilities including 3 modern classrooms supported with a Library. It is situated in the new annexe on the first floor of the Academy.

In a traditional sense, a library is a large collection of books, and can refer to the place in which the collection is housed.

In todays Information Age, the term can refer to any collection, including digital sources, resources, and services. However, more important is the creation of a welcoming and comfortable environment to use such resources to escalate one’s knowledge base.


The library is free to use for visitors to the Gurdwara. If you wish to borrow any of the books, please see the librarian on duty at the time. You must take responsibility for the safe and punctual return of any materials you borrow. The library is there for everyone to use and if individual visitors hang on to books for too long, they will be depriving others from the benefits


Please be courteous to other visitors of the library by speaking in soft voices.

If you do not find a particular book or material you are looking for, please contact the library and let us know. If we can, we will try and acquire the material for you. This is subject to deman, availability and cost. The Gurdwara makes no guarantee to provide requested materials.

If you have books or material that you would like to donate to the library, please contact the library and let us know. We will gladly accept dontated materials that could benefit other visitors.

We are always looking for sewadars to help us improve our facilities and services. Please contact the library if you would like to help.

Children's Activities (Sundays)

Aims & Objectives
  • To create a welcoming atmosphere in the library
  • To stimulate and encourage children to come to the library
  • For the children to learn about their tradition, culture and religion
  • Encourage the children’s connection to visit the Gurdwara more often
  • To mould the child’s foundation stronger and develop their confidence
  • To learn to be kind, to share, to help each other and the needy, to be honest, to be humble and to be true
  • To encourage team working
  • To make friends with each other

How we meet these objectves

  • Using colour books and materials
  • Tracing and drawing books
  • Puzzles – alphabets and Punjabi numbers
  • Snakes and Ladders jigsaws
  • Magnetic Punjabi alphabet
  • Tracing pictures regarding Sikh teaching e.g Gurus and 5K’s, Gurdwaras, Sikh Weapons, Langar, 5 Beloveds, 5 Takhats
  • Story time
    • Bilingual Stories
    • Gurujis’ Lives
    • Saints Lives
    • Gurpurb
    • Questions and Answers
    • Discussions to related stories
    • Role-plays
    • Puppet Shows

Library opening times

Tuesday - 11.45am to 13.45pm
Sunday - 11.45am to 13.45pm

Please observe the Library Rules
  • To keep silent at all times whilst in library, unless in an oral exercise: Noise, disturbance or inappropriate behaviour is prohibited
  • Children under the age of 5 years should be accompanied by an adult at all times
  • No food or drink to be consumed the library
  • Mobile phones should be set to silent mode in the library: their use in the library is prohibited
  • Borrowed books from the library MUST be taken good care of
  • Keep library tidy at all times
  • Return all borrowed books on time
  • Any damaged books may be subject to a charge
  • Respect and comply to the rules of the library
  • Library users are asked to treat other users with consideration
  • Library furniture, fittings or equipment must not be misused or their arrangement altered
  • Any damage or defacement of library materials is strictly prohibited
  • Photography is not permitted unless permission is sought from the library manager
  • Personal belongings are the responsibility of the owner

Daily Hukamnama

July 19, 2024
Su`krvwr, 4 swvx (sMmq 556 nwnkSwhI)

jYqsrI mhlw 4 Gru 1 caupdy
Jaitsree, Fourth Mehl, First House, Chau-Padas:

<> siqgur pRswid ]
One Universal Creator God. By The Grace Of The True Guru:

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Gobind Marg

Download and read the monthly Gobind Marg magazine.  See a report by the General Secretary about events at the Gurdwara and a range of  articles by sevadars on Sikh history, spirituality, as well as contemporary topics  such as gardening and matrimonial matters. A convenient medium to keep yourself up to date.

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We always welcome volunteers who wish to help the Gurdwara continue to provide services to the sangat and community. Sign up for our list of volunteers and we will contact you when opportunities for sewa arise.

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