For The ❤ Of Scrubs

The Making of Scrubs and Wash Bags for the NHS

After a call for help from local NHS groups to make scrubs and wash bags, our sevadars have organised a sewing team to meet this need.

Making new scrubs and recycling old duvet covers into wash bags, which are used to ensure Covid-19 washables are kept separate from regular ones.

Over 25 of our volunteers have been busy working hard stitching together over 250 scrubs and wash bags. Some have already been delivered to our local NHS groups while the rest will be delivered over the coming days.

We would like to thank some of the people who have made this possible.

Sethi Silk Store - for helping us source the material
Creative Curtains - for cutting the fabric according to the pattern supplied by NHS.
Barinder Sandhu and Peremjeet Thind - for putting our sewing teams together who meticulously and laboriously stitched the fabric into scrubs.
Pick up and delivery volunteers - who pick up the fabric from the supplier and deliver the final stitched scrubs to the local NHS groups, ready to be worn by the hospital staff.

Our very own essential workers - We thank you for your sewa.

If you would like to help the NHS, please make a donation to our Covid-19 crisis appeal. Money collected in this fund will go to local NHS groups.