Daily Hukamnama

February 17, 2020
somvwr, 5 P`gx (sMmq 551 nwnkSwhI)

ibhwgVw mhlw 4 ]
Bihaagraa, Fourth Mehl:

hau bilhwrI iqn@ kau myrI ijMduVIey ijn@ hir hir nwmu ADwro rwm ]
I am a sacrifice, O my soul, to those who take the Support of the Name of the Lord, Har, Har.

guir siqguir nwmu idRVwieAw myrI ijMduVIey ibKu Baujlu qwrxhwro rwm ]
The Guru, the True Guru, implanted the Name within me, O my soul, and He has carried me across the terrifying world-ocean of poison.

ijn iek min hir iDAwieAw myrI ijMduVIey iqn sMq jnw jYkwro rwm ]
Those who have meditated one-pointedly on the Lord, O my soul - I proclaim the Victory of those saintly beings.

nwnk hir jip suKu pwieAw myrI ijMduVIey siB dUK invwrxhwro rwm ]1]
Nanak has found peace, meditating on the Lord, O my soul; the Lord is the Destroyer of all pain. ||1||

sw rsnw Dnu DMnu hY myrI ijMduVIey gux gwvY hir pRB kyry rwm ]
Blessed, blessed is that tongue, O my soul, which sings the Glorious Praises of the Lord God.

qy sRvn Bly soBnIk hih myrI ijMduVIey hir kIrqnu suxih hir qyry rwm ]
Sublime and splendid are those ears, O my soul, which listen to the Kirtan of the Lord's Praises.

so sIsu Blw pivqR pwvnu hY myrI ijMduVIey jo jwie lgY gur pYry rwm ]
Sublime, pure and pious is that head, O my soul, which falls at the Guru's Feet.

gur ivthu nwnku vwirAw myrI ijMduVIey ijin hir hir nwmu icqyry rwm ]2]
Nanak is a sacrifice to that Guru, O my soul; the Guru has placed the Name of the Lord, Har, Har, in my mind. ||2||

qy nyqR Bly prvwxu hih myrI ijMduVIey jo swDU siqguru dyKih rwm ]
Blessed and approved are those eyes, O my soul, which gaze upon the Holy True Guru.

qy hsq punIq pivqR hih myrI ijMduVIey jo hir jsu hir hir lyKih rwm ]
Sacred and sanctified are those hands, O my soul, which write the Praises of the Lord, Har, Har.

iqsu jn ky pg inq pUjIAih myrI ijMduVIey jo mwrig Drm clysih rwm ]
I worship continually the feet of that humble being, O my soul, who walks on the Path of Dharma - the path of righteousness.

nwnku iqn ivthu vwirAw myrI ijMduVIey hir suix hir nwmu mnysih rwm ]3]
Nanak is a sacrifice to those, O my soul, who hear of the Lord, and believe in the Lord's Name. ||3||

Driq pwqwlu Awkwsu hY myrI ijMduVIey sB hir hir nwmu iDAwvY rwm ]
The earth, the nether regions of the underworld, and the Akaashic ethers, O my soul, all meditate on the Name of the Lord, Har, Har.

pauxu pwxI bYsMqro myrI ijMduVIey inq hir hir hir jsu gwvY rwm ]
Wind, water and fire, O my soul, continually sing the Praises of the Lord, Har, Har, Har.

vxu iqRxu sBu Awkwru hY myrI ijMduVIey muiK hir hir nwmu iDAwvY rwm ]
The woods, the meadows and the whole world, O my soul, chant with their mouths the Lord's Name, and meditate on the Lord.

nwnk qy hir dir pYn@wieAw myrI ijMduVIey jo gurmuiK Bgiq mnu lwvY rwm ]4]4]],
O Nanak, one who, as Gurmukh, focuses his consciousness on the Lord's devotional worship - O my soul, he is robed in honor in the Court of the Lord. ||4||4||],

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