Daily Hukamnama

August 16, 2018
vIrvwr, 32 swvx (sMmq 550 nwnkSwhI)

DnwsrI mhlw 4 ]
Dhanaasaree, Fourth Mehl:

hir hir bUMd Bey hir suAwmI hm cwiqRk ibll ibllwqI ]
The Lord, Har, Har, is the rain-drop; I am the song-bird, crying, crying out for it.

hir hir ik\u00aepw krhu pRB ApnI muiK dyvhu hir inmKwqI ]1]
O Lord God, please bless me with Your Mercy, and pour Your Name into my mouth, even if for only an instant. ||1||

hir ibnu rih n skau iek rwqI ]
Without the Lord, I cannot live for even a second.

ijau ibnu AmlY AmlI mir jweI hY iqau hir ibnu hm mir jwqI ] rhwau ]
Like the addict who dies without his drug, I die without the Lord. ||Pause||

qum hir srvr Aiq Agwh hm lih n skih AMqu mwqI ]
You, Lord, are the deepest, most unfathomable ocean; I cannot find even a trace of Your limits.

qU prY prY AprMpru suAwmI imiq jwnhu Awpn gwqI ]2]
You are the most remote of the remote, limitless and transcendent; O Lord Master, You alone know Your state and extent. ||2||

hir ky sMq jnw hir jipE gur rMig clUlY rwqI ]
The Lord's humble Saints meditate on the Lord; they are imbued with the deep crimson color of the Guru's Love.

hir hir Bgiq bnI Aiq soBw hir jipE aUqm pwqI ]3]
Meditating on the Lord, they attain great glory, and the most sublime honor. ||3||

Awpy Twkuru Awpy syvku Awip bnwvY BwqI ]
He Himself is the Lord and Master, and He Himself is the servant; He Himself creates His environments.

nwnku jnu qumrI srxweI hir rwKhu lwj BgwqI ]4]5]],
Servant Nanak has come to Your Sanctuary, O Lord; protect and preserve the honor of Your devotee. ||4||5||],

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