Daily Hukamnama

August 11, 2020
mMglvwr, 27 swvx (sMmq 552 nwnkSwhI)

ibhwgVw mhlw 5 CMq Gru 1
Bihaagraa, Fifth Mehl, Chhant, First House:

<> siqgur pRswid ]
One Universal Creator God. By The Grace Of The True Guru:

hir kw eyku AcMBau dyiKAw myry lwl jIau jo kry su Drm inAwey rwm ]
I have seen one miracle of the Lord, O my Dear Beloved - whatever He does is righteous and just.

hir rMgu AKwVw pwieEnu myry lwl jIau Awvxu jwxu sbwey rwm ]
The Lord has fashioned this beautiful arena, O my Dear Beloved, where all come and go.

Awvxu q jwxw iqnih kIAw ijin mydin isrjIAw ]
The One who fashioned the world causes them to come and go.

ieknw myil siqguru mhil bulwey ieik Brim BUly iPridAw ]
Some meet the True Guru - the Lord invites them into the Mansion of His Presence; others wander around, deluded by doubt.

AMqu qyrw qUMhY jwxih qUM sB mih rihAw smwey ]
You alone know Your limits; You are contained in all.

scu khY nwnku suxhu sMqhu hir vrqY Drm inAwey ]1]
Nanak speaks the Truth: listen, Saints - the Lord dispenses even-handed justice. ||1||

Awvhu imlhu shylIho myry lwl jIau hir hir nwmu ArwDy rwm ]
Come and join me, O my beautiful dear beloveds; let's worship the Name of the Lord, Har, Har.

kir syvhu pUrw siqgurU myry lwl jIau jm kw mwrgu swDy rwm ]
Let's serve the Perfect True Guru, O my dear beloveds, and clear away the Path of Death.

mwrgu ibKVw swiD gurmuiK hir drgh soBw pweIAY ]
Having cleared the treacherous path, as Gurmukhs, we shall obtain honor in the Court of the Lord.

ijn kau ibDwqY Durhu iliKAw iqn@w rYix idnu ilv lweIAY ]
Those who have such pre-ordained destiny, lovingly focus their consciousness on the Lord, night and day.

haumY mmqw mohu Cutw jw sMig imilAw swDy ]
Self-conceit, egotism and emotional attachment are eradicated when one joins the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy.

jnu khY nwnku mukqu hoAw hir hir nwmu ArwDy ]2]
Says servant Nanak, one who contemplates the Name of the Lord, Har, Har, is liberated. ||2||

kr joiVhu sMq iekqR hoie myry lwl jIau AibnwsI purKu pUjyhw rwm ]
Let's join hands, O Saints; let's come together, O my dear beloveds, and worship the imperishable, Almighty Lord.

bhu ibiD pUjw KojIAw myry lwl jIau iehu mnu qnu sBu Arpyhw rwm ]
I sought Him through uncounted forms of adoration, O my dear beloveds; now, I dedicate my entire mind and body to the Lord.

mnu qnu Dnu sBu pRBU kyrw ikAw ko pUj cVwvey ]
The mind, body and all wealth belong to God; so what can anyone offer to Him in worship?

ijsu hoie ik\u00aepwlu dieAwlu suAwmI so pRB AMik smwvey ]
He alone merges in the lap of God, unto whom the Merciful Lord Master becomes compassionate.

Bwgu msqik hoie ijs kY iqsu gur nwil snyhw ]
One who has such pre-ordained destiny written on his forehead, comes to bear love for the Guru.

jnu khY nwnku imil swDsMgiq hir hir nwmu pUjyhw ]3]
Says servant Nanak, joining the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy, let's worship the Name of the Lord, Har, Har. ||3||

dh ids Kojq hm iPry myry lwl jIau hir pwieAVw Gir Awey rwm ]
I wandered around, searching in the ten directions, O my dear beloveds, but I came to find the Lord in the home of my own being.

hir mMdru hir jIau swijAw myry lwl jIau hir iqsu mih rihAw smwey rwm ]
The Dear Lord has fashioned the body as the temple of the Lord, O my dear beloveds; the Lord continues to dwell there.

srby smwxw Awip suAwmI gurmuiK prgtu hoieAw ]
The Lord and Master Himself is pervading everywhere; through the Guru, He is revealed.

imitAw ADyrw dUKu nwTw Aimau hir rsu coieAw ]
Darkness is dispelled, and pains are removed, when the sublime essence of the Lord's Ambrosial Nectar trickles down.

jhw dyKw qhw suAwmI pwrbRhmu sB Twey ]
Wherever I look, the Lord and Master is there. The Supreme Lord God is everywhere.

jnu khY nwnku siqguir imlwieAw hir pwieAVw Gir Awey ]4]1]],
Says servant Nanak, meeting the True Guru, I have found the Lord, within the home of my own being. ||4||1||],