Daily Hukamnama

November 24, 2020
mMglvwr, 10 m`Gr (sMmq 552 nwnkSwhI)

soriT m: 3 duquky ]
Sorat'h, Third Mehl, Du-Tukas:

siqgur imilAY aultI BeI BweI jIvq mrY qw bUJ pwie ]
Meeting the True Guru, one turns away from the world, O Siblings of Destiny; when he remains dead while yet alive, he obtains true understanding.

so gurU so isKu hY BweI ijsu joqI joiq imlwie ]1]
He alone is the Guru, and he alone is a Sikh, O Siblings of Destiny, whose light merges in the Light. ||1||

mn ry hir hir syqI ilv lwie ]
O my mind, be lovingly attuned to the Name of the Lord, Har, Har.

mn hir jip mITw lwgY BweI gurmuiK pwey hir Qwie ] rhwau ]
Chanting the Name of the Lord, it seems so sweet to the mind, O Siblings of Destiny; the Gurmukhs obtain a place in the Court of the Lord. ||Pause||

ibnu gur pRIiq n aUpjY BweI mnmuiK dUjY Bwie ]
Without the Guru, love for the Lord does not well up, O Siblings of Destiny; the self-willed manmukhs are engrossed in the love of duality.

quh kutih mnmuK krm krih BweI plY ikCU n pwie ]2]
Actions performed by the manmukh are like the threshing of the chaff - they obtain nothing for their efforts. ||2||

gur imilAY nwmu min rivAw BweI swcI pRIiq ipAwir ]
Meeting the Guru, the Naam comes to permeate the mind, O Siblings of Destiny, with true love and affection.

sdw hir ky gux rvY BweI gur kY hyiq Apwir ]3]
He always sings the Glorious Praises of the Lord, O Siblings of Destiny, with infinite love for the Guru. ||3||

AwieAw so prvwxu hY BweI ij gur syvw icqu lwie ]
How blessed and approved is his coming into the world, O Siblings of Destiny, who focuses his mind on serving the Guru.

nwnk nwmu hir pweIAY BweI gur sbdI mylwie ]4]8]],
O Nanak, the Name of the Lord is obtained, O Siblings of Destiny, through the Word of the Guru's Shabad, and we merge with the Lord. ||4||8||],