Daily Hukamnama

January 21, 2020
mMglvwr, 8 mwG (sMmq 551 nwnkSwhI)

slok ]

sMq auDrx dieAwl\u00b5 AwsrM gopwl kIrqnh ]
The Merciful Lord is the Savior of the Saints; their only support is to sing the Kirtan of the Lord's Praises.

inrml\u00b5 sMq sMgyx Et nwnk prmysurh ]1]
One becomes immaculate and pure, by associating with the Saints, O Nanak, and taking the Protection of the Transcendent Lord. ||1||

cMdn cMdu n srd ruiq mUil n imteI GWm ]
The burning of the heart is not dispelled at all, by sandalwood paste, the moon, or the cold season.

sIqlu QIvY nwnkw jpMdVo hir nwmu ]2]
It only becomes cool, O Nanak, by chanting the Name of the Lord. ||2||

pauVI ]

crn kml kI Et auDry sgl jn ]
Through the Protection and Support of the Lord's lotus feet, all beings are saved.

suix prqwpu goivMd inrBau Bey mn ]
Hearing of the Glory of the Lord of the Universe, the mind becomes fearless.

qoit n AwvY mUil sMicAw nwmu Dn ]
Nothing at all is lacking, when one gathers the wealth of the Naam.

sMq jnw isau sMgu pweIAY vfY pun ]
The Society of the Saints is obtained, by very good deeds.

AwT phr hir iDAwie hir jsu inq sun ]17]],
Twenty-four hours a day, meditate on the Lord, and listen continually to the Lord's Praises. ||17||],

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