Daily Hukamnama

May 21, 2019
mMglvwr, 7 jyT (sMmq 551 nwnkSwhI)

sUhI mhlw 3 ]
Soohee, Third Mehl:

sbid scY scu soihlw ijQY scy kw hoie vIcwro rwm ]
Through the True Word of the Shabad, true happiness prevails, there where the True Lord is contemplated.

haumY siB iklivK kwty swcu riKAw auir Dwry rwm ]
Egotism and all sins are eradicated, when one keeps the True Lord enshrined in the heart.

scu riKAw aur Dwry duqru qwry iPir Bvjlu qrxu n hoeI ]
One who keeps the True Lord enshrined in the heart, crosses over the terrible and dreadful world-ocean; he shall not have to cross over it again.

scw siqguru scI bwxI ijin scu ivKwilAw soeI ]
True is the True Guru, and True is the Word of His Bani; through it, the True Lord is seen.

swcy gux gwvY sic smwvY scu vyKY sBu soeI ]
One who sings the Glorious Praises of the True Lord merges in Truth; he beholds the True Lord everywhere.

nwnk swcw swihbu swcI nweI scu insqwrw hoeI ]1]
O Nanak, True is the Lord and Master, and True is His Name; through Truth, comes emancipation. ||1||

swcY siqguir swcu buJwieAw piq rwKY scu soeI rwm ]
The True Guru reveals the True Lord; the True Lord preserves our honor.

scw Bojnu Bwau scw hY scY nwim suKu hoeI rwm ]
The true food is love for the True Lord; through the True Name, peace is obtained.

swcY nwim suKu hoeI mrY n koeI griB n jUnI vwsw ]
Through the True Name, the mortal finds peace; he shall never die, and never again enter the womb of reincarnation.

joqI joiq imlweI sic smweI sic nwie prgwsw ]
His light blends with the Light, and he merges into the True Lord; he is illuminated and enlightened with the True Name.

ijnI scu jwqw sy scy hoey Anidnu scu iDAwiein ]
Those who know the Truth are True; night and day, they meditate on Truth.

nwnk scu nwmu ijn ihrdY visAw nw vICuiV duKu pwiein ]2]
O Nanak, those whose hearts are filled with the True Name, never suffer the pains of separation. ||2||

scI bwxI scy gux gwvih iqqu Gir soihlw hoeI rwm ]
In that home, and in that heart, where the True Bani of the Lord's True Praises are sung, the songs of joy resound.

inrml gux swcy qnu mnu swcw ivic swcw purKu pRBu soeI rwm ]
Through the immaculate virtues of the True Lord, the body and mind are rendered True, and God, the True Primal Being, dwells within.

sBu scu vrqY sco bolY jo scu krY su hoeI ]
Such a person practices only Truth, and speaks only Truth; whatever the True Lord does, that alone comes to pass.

jh dyKw qh scu psirAw Avru n dUjw koeI ]
Wherever I look, there I see the True Lord pervading; there is no other at all.

scy aupjY sic smwvY mir jnmY dUjw hoeI ]
From the True Lord, we emanate, and into the True Lord, we shall merge; death and birth come from duality.

nwnk sBu ikCu Awpy krqw Awip krwvY soeI ]3]
O Nanak, He Himself does everything; He Himself is the Cause. ||3||

scy Bgq sohih drvwry sco scu vKwxy rwm ]
The true devotees look beautiful in the Darbaar of the Lord's Court. They speak Truth, and only Truth.

Gt AMqry swcI bwxI swco Awip pCwxy rwm ]
Deep within the nucleus of their heart, is the True Word of the Lord's Bani. Through the Truth, they understand themselves.

Awpu pCwxih qw scu jwxih swcy soJI hoeI ]
They understand themselves, and so know the True Lord, through their true intuition.

scw sbdu scI hY soBw swcy hI suKu hoeI ]
True is the Shabad, and True is its Glory; peace comes only from Truth.

swic rqy Bgq iek rMgI dUjw rMgu n koeI ]
Imbued with Truth, the devotees love the One Lord; they do not love any other.

nwnk ijs kau msqik iliKAw iqsu scu prwpiq hoeI ]4]2]3]],
O Nanak, he alone obtains the True Lord, who has such pre-ordained destiny written upon his forehead. ||4||2||3||],

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