Daily Hukamnama

August 23, 2019
Su`krvwr, 7 BwdoN (sMmq 551 nwnkSwhI)

soriT mhlw 5 ]
Sorat'h, Fifth Mehl:

ivic krqw purKu KloAw ]
The Creator Lord Himself stood between us,

vwlu n ivMgw hoAw ]
and not a hair upon my head was touched.

mjnu gur AWdw rwsy ]
The Guru made my cleansing bath successful;

jip hir hir iklivK nwsy ]1]
meditating on the Lord, Har, Har, my sins were erased. ||1||

sMqhu rwmdws srovru nIkw ]
O Saints, the purifying pool of Ram Das is sublime.

jo nwvY so kulu qrwvY auDwru hoAw hY jI kw ]1] rhwau ]
Whoever bathes in it, his family and ancestry are saved, and his soul is saved as well. ||1||Pause||

jY jY kwru jgu gwvY ]
The world sings cheers of victory,

mn icMidAVy Pl pwvY ]
and the fruits of his mind's desires are obtained.

shI slwmiq nwie Awey ] Apxw pRBU iDAwey ]2]
Whoever comes and bathes here, and meditates on his God, is safe and sound. ||2||

sMq srovr nwvY ]
One who bathes in the healing pool of the Saints,

so jnu prm giq pwvY ]
that humble being obtains the supreme status.

mrY n AwvY jweI ]
He does not die, or come and go in reincarnation;

hir hir nwmu iDAweI ]3]
he meditates on the Name of the Lord, Har, Har. ||3||

iehu bRhm ibcwru su jwnY ]
He alone knows this about God,

ijsu dieAwlu hoie BgvwnY ]
whom God blesses with His kindness.

bwbw nwnk pRB srxweI ]
Baba Nanak seeks the Sanctuary of God;

sB icMqw gxq imtweI ]4]7]57]],
all his worries and anxieties are dispelled. ||4||7||57||],

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