Daily Hukamnama

November 17, 2019
AYqvwr, 2 m`Gr (sMmq 551 nwnkSwhI)

rwm ismir rwm ismir rwm ismir BweI ]
Remember the Lord, remember the Lord, remember the Lord in meditation, O Siblings of Destiny.

rwm nwm ismrn ibnu bUfqy AiDkweI ]1] rhwau ]
Without remembering the Lord's Name in meditation, a great many are drowned. ||1||Pause||

binqw suq dyh gRyh sMpiq suKdweI ]
Your spouse, children, body, house and possessions - you think these will give you peace.

ien@ mY kCu nwih qyro kwl AvD AweI ]1]
But none of these shall be yours, when the time of death comes. ||1||

Ajwml gj ginkw piqq krm kIny ]
Ajaamal, the elephant, and the prostitute committed many sins,

qyaU auqir pwir pry rwm nwm lIny ]2]
but still, they crossed over the world-ocean, by chanting the Lord's Name. ||2||

sUkr kUkr join BRmy qaU lwj n AweI ]
You have wandered in reincarnation, as pigs and dogs - did you feel no shame?

rwm nwm Cwif AMimRq kwhy ibKu KweI ]3]
Forsaking the Ambrosial Name of the Lord, why do you eat poison? ||3||

qij Brm krm ibiD inKyD rwm nwmu lyhI ]
Abandon your doubts about do's and don'ts, and take to the Lord's Name.

gur pRswid jn kbIr rwmu kir snyhI ]4]5]],
By Guru's Grace, O servant Kabeer, love the Lord. ||4||5||],

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