Daily Hukamnama

April 6, 2020
somvwr, 24 cyq (sMmq 552 nwnkSwhI)

DnwsrI mhlw 5 ]
Dhanaasaree, Fifth Mehl:

myrw lwgo rwm isau hyqu ]
I have fallen in love with the Lord.

siqguru myrw sdw shweI ijin duK kw kwitAw kyqu ]1] rhwau ]
My True Guru is always my help and support; He has torn down the banner of pain. ||1||Pause||

hwQ dyie rwiKE Apunw kir ibrQw sgl imtweI ]
Giving me His hand, He has protected me as His own, and removed all my troubles.

inMdk ky muK kwly kIny jn kw Awip shweI ]1]
He has blackened the faces of the slanderers, and He Himself has become the help and support of His humble servant. ||1||

swcw swihbu hoAw rKvwlw rwiK lIey kMiT lwie ]
The True Lord and Master has become my Saviour; hugging me close in His embrace, He has saved me.

inrBau Bey sdw suK mwxy nwnk hir gux gwie ]2]17]],
Nanak has become fearless, and he enjoys eternal peace, singing the Glorious Praises of the Lord. ||2||17||],

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