This is an urgent appeal for us all to take action NOW

The Gurdwara seeks your much-needed help as we now engage with Hounslow Council to secure the future use of the neighbouring land in support of our vital congregational services and functions.

We need to urgently STOP the development of overpowering multi-storey residential blocks, right on our border.

The building proposals, to house 124 residential units and a Special Education Needs school for 90 children plus staff, will block out the much-needed light and sunshine, increase congestion in an already built-up area, generate yet more noise & pollution and will impact the safety of our children attending the schools nearby.

These sudden and massive changes threaten the very existence of the Gurdwara as the congregational levels drop significantly.

Please help your Gurdwara NOW to protect your environment and assure the undisturbed future of the Gurdwara. We have very limited time to stop this threatening development.

There are many ways you can register your objection to this horrendous development plan. Pick any or ALL of the ways below.

  • Click or use the QR code and say NO by adding your name to the supporters and SAVE YOUR GURDWARA!
  • Provide your own feedback directly to the Council and tell them how you feel by following the step by step guidance given here send feedback
  • Send a letter to the council objecting to the Council's planning application. Click download letter and send your completed letter with your address, date and signature to the address given in the template.
  • Visit the Gurdwara office any day and register your protest there

Daily Hukamnama

December 5, 2022
somvwr, 20 m`Gr (sMmq 554 nwnkSwhI)

jo jnu Bwau Bgiq kCu jwnY qw kau Acrju kwho ]
That humble being, who knows even a little about loving devotional worship - what surprises are there for him?

ijau jlu jl mih pYis n inksY iqau Fuir imilE julwho ]1]
Like water, dripping into water, which cannot be separated out again, so is the weaver Kabeer, with softened heart, merged into the Lord. ||1||

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Gobind Marg

Download and read the monthly Gobind Marg magazine.  See a report by the General Secretary about events at the Gurdwara and a range of  articles by sevadars on Sikh history, spirituality, as well as contemporary topics  such as gardening and matrimonial matters. A convenient medium to keep yourself up to date.

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