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Nagar Kirtan 2018
Stall Holders Information and Application Form

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

Hounslow’s 20th Nagar Kirtan will be held on the 25th March 2018. There have been extensive changes in the stakeholder’s environments as well as procession related risks. As such, we are forced to encourage and promote Healthy Foods rather than fried snacks, Safe Stall Locations & Responsible Waste Disposal and Education related Stalls.

Please read the following information in full before applying to be a stall holder.

Application to hold an ‘Organiser Approved’ Stall

Organiser Approved stalls will have the support of the Hounslow Gurdwara’s, LBH Council, Met Police, London Fire Services, London Ambulance Services, St John’s and Transport for London. They will also receive any appropriate training and risk mitigation material.

Note that the Council and the Fire Safety Department have imposed a strictly NO LIVE COOKING on PUBLIC HIGHWAYS policy.

The Gurdwara encourages all stall holders to distribute healthy food options like:

  • Fruit / Fruit-salads
  • Vegetarian sandwiches or wraps
  • Water bottles
  • Smoothies
  • Juices

You can find out more about the future of Community Events like the Nagar Kirtan by attending at least one of our workshops or contacting our ‘Stall Holder Liaison Officer’

Street Stall holder’s meetings

Regular workshops will take place on Saturdays as per the below schedule:

  • 17th Feb – Street Stall Holders, Background, Planning Update, Roles & Responsibilities
  • 3rd Mar – Street Stall Holders, Fire Safety, Crowd Control
  • 17th Mar – Street Stall Holders, Dry Run Rehearsal, Contingency Planning
  • 24th Mar – Street Stall Holders, Control Centre, Partners Interrelations - Q&A

All workshops start at 2:00pm.

There will be a dedicated Stall hodler session at 2:30-3:00pm, presented by the Organiser, London Fire Services & the Metropolitian Police. If interested, Stallholders are more than welcome to stay for the duration of the whole meeting until 4:30pm.

Stall holders are expected to attend at least one meeting to comply with the London Fire Safety standards.

Stalls without approval WILL be actioned upon – we strongly request you to register and participate.

What to expect in the Stall Holder Meeting?

  • An introduction to healthy eating by the Stall Holder Liaison Officer and the reasons behind the change.
  • A demonstration by the Fire Safety Department.
  • Information on the Nagar Kirtan Route and the new Zone System where stalls will be allocated spaces.

Application Form for Stall Holders

Owner of Stall
Forename        Surname  
Owner Address (not stall location)
Contact Information
Mobile        Daytime  
Email Address:      Confirm Email address:     
Type of Stall (select one)
What do you plan to serve or what will you be promoting (and how - leaflets, posters etc.)?
Projected Budget Spend
What is your rubbish disposal plan?
Which date can you attend the Stall Holder meeting? (must select one)


This is just an application form, in order to secure your position at the Nagar Kirtan you MUST attend a meeting, you will then receive your stall location via e-mail.

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